BWAT UNEB! VETERAN BWAT SHARES TIPS..So you didnt read enuf !!


For those of you taking down cantab’s, this year, the clock is ticking. Many of you are probably feeling nervous… anxious… Terrified!!! You’ve probably been living, breathing, eating notes and tests from school papers to WAKISHA and you look forward to the Saturday morning when you have fi nally completed the tests and will be liberated from high school stress and graduated into senior slackerdom. This very well may be the case, but I know that at least for some of you it is not. You might be the one who is slightly in denial, determined not to freak out, while putting off your studying until the last minute.

A definite bad idea. But we won’t let you fl ank fwaa! Trust me I know the feeling. I had to get my mind in test mode, something I’m sure we all could use help with:

1.) Set a target score yourself: It can be scary setting the bar for yourself, but once you do, it will give you something to work towards. Before I did this I felt like I had no direction and so I had little motivation to study for cantab!Since then I have actually met my goal and have continued raising my goal score slightly each time to help push myself. Doing this for UNEB or any other standardised test works too and will keep you motivated.

2.) I surrounded myself with peeps who were also studying for the same papers: “Misery loves company,” and it can be comforting to share your stress and fears about that nasty little paper with someone who is taking it too. You can have your own little “Geog/Econ/Ent/ Div support group,” where you can answer each other’s questions, study together, or simply vent! Having a set time with a set group of people will inspire you to have a consistent study schedule and will remind you that you’re not the only one freaking out.

3.) I stopped comparing myself to others: This was defi nitely one of my biggest challenges. Some of my friends have studied harder for the test than I did, took classes that better fi t their needs and let’s face it, were all around better at bwatting exams than I was. At times this has discouraged me, but I have come to realise that the only standard necessary for me to live up to is my own. I may not be able to get the highest score out of all my classmate, but I know that I will be able to get a score that will make me proud of my work. These exams are not about a competition and in the end when you are at the next level in the school or university of your choice, no one is even going to remember their scores.

4.) I took the text book and summaries with me EVERYWHERE: I know this may sound silly or even incredibly nerdy, but by having the text book with me, I was able to test problems whenever I had spare time. So if you’re waiting 30 minutes in the nurse’s office with nothing to do, or you’re stuck in morning traffic (for day scholars) on the way to school (not when you’re driving of course), or you’re on your lunch break and you have some time alone, pull out your book and do some problems. Not only will you sharpen your skills and learn more material for the test, but you will pass the time doing something productive. At first it may seem awkward to whip out your book in a public place, but eventually it will become second nature to you— who knows you might even miss it once the test is over! Good luck everyone, and get back to studying

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