June 21, Father’s day, is an annual day set aside for all of us to make the fathers in our lives feel special. They deserve it. Some teens, shockingly, are unaware of it’s existence or it’s importance since their responses say it all. “Hollup! Father’s really exists. Oh my! Hmm!” Sasha Janice, a form six vacist wondered. Since a number of teens treasure the blessing of a parent, without using their real names, some have shared their heartfelt concerns on how they wish their fathers would positively raise them as their children.

Most teens feel like they are living a life in a cage. Like a caged animal that might run bonkers any minute. Like a time bomb that might go off any second. Too much restrictions that they feel like they are being choked. Many say that times have changed and gone are the days when teens were on lockdown 24/7.

This is the Social Media Age and they wanna interact with their mates. “When I’m at school, I study and chill with my buddies. But when am back home for holidays, I am ordered to stay indoors. I just wish dad gives me a chance to interact with friends while on holiday.

This would help me make new friends that perhaps will be helpful in the future,” Jovina, a student of Kakungulu Memorial revealed. Her classmate, Sempiira, wished to have his dad spend more time with him so that he gets to learn from him about the revolving world and how to possibly survive in it. “My father is so much engaged with work and he does not have the slightest clue what is happening in my life. I wish he gives me enough time for interaction,” Sempiira added.

While some also wish their fathers would carry them around like young kids, buying them chocolate, pizza and suggesting hangouts and chills on a cool weekend, others want their fathers to build a strong foundation towards their success. “I would wish my dad bought me land earlier so that I start farming just in case I fail to get a job in the future.

Not that it will happen, but think about it if he doesn’t help me and I end up unemployed too and broke.“ Dorcus Ampaire, a student of St Janan Luwum SS revealed. Dickson Ssempa, a student of Nsambya SS, too shared the same wish.

Parents need to know how their children feel since this keeps the bond intact. But most dads seem to careless about the bond…

HARRIET (ST JANAN LUWUM SS). I wish my dad had a better job since he has very many responsibilities. This would help him cater for our needs fully. But he loves the job yet it has katun dime!

SHYRAM (KAKUNGULU MEMORIAL). All I can do is advice all fathers to understand and listen to our say. Parents need to know how their children feel since this keeps the bond intact. But most dads careless about the bond. So…

KATHERINE (ST MARY’S COLLEGE NAMAGUNGA).The truth is, I haven’t reached that extent of wishing for anything from dad. He makes me believe that he has done everything. All I need is to make him proud with my success.

MARIAM (KAKUNGULU MEMORIAL) All I wish for is my father to talk to his family members. My mother feels bad when they despise her. This would make our family fully happy for sure.

WILLIAM (ST JANAN LUWUM SS) Haha. This is even funny. My dad doesn’t trust my mum with dime. I just wish he would. The two would make a sweet amazing team budget wise.

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