By Kumbya Musoke and Rebecca Antonetti

Social media has grown tremendously over the past century, and it has had different effects on different people towards their confidence. Here are some views from people of social media on their confidence.

  1. “Social media has made me more open to people and I can make friends online easily. It shows you that there is a whole world out there, and as I’m a shy person, I find it easier to interact with people online than I person. It has taught me there is nothing to hide.” – Nina, 15 years old

  2. “Social media has helped me boost my confidence as I am able to show my imperfections and have people appreciate every aspect of me.” – Sofia, 18 years old

  3. “Social media has in a way boosted my confidence because it is one of the sections that have made me more confident in showing my true self and personality. Through the negative comments and criticism, it has made me stronger.” – Arianna, 16 years old

  4. “I rarely use social media, however when I do use it my confidence is boosted as I feel more comfortable when I’m talking to someone on a screen as I’m able to take my time and think before saying something without it looking strange.”- Kumbya, 15 years old

  5. “It boosted my confidence in ways of communicating with people in real life. It has also taken off A BUNCH LOAD of insecurities in me” – Paul, 15 years old

  6. “It has boosted me more like negative than positive. I see this through negative comments and attitudes coming from different people” – Sheliza, 15 years old

  7. “Well I feel like social media has helped me express myself. In that I can engage with different people in regards to things happening around us.” – Luckie, 18 years old

  8. “Ok so I can say that it has helped me to meet people who are like me as they are not afraid to show themselves to the world. So in a way, they inspire me to be the best version of me. The one who likes to crack jokes and not be afraid to do so.” – Imran, 17 years old

  9. “It hasn’t boosted my confidence because all I see in social media these days is perfect guys and perfect girls with perfect lives which makes me insecure and more closed towards new people. Also, when I get little likes on posts it lowers my self esteem not forgetting to mention the many rumors that can spread on social media.” – Ona, 15 years old

  10. “Well, firstly I would like to say that it is thanks to social media that I have become close friends with people either with the distance or the fact that I don’t see them very often. I also think that we all need to be alert and careful when dealing with social media although it has indeed increased my confidence in certain situations that I have come to either online or in real life.” – Yurix, 17 years old

  11. I think social media has more of a negative effect as it tends to make others obsess over people’s pictures which makes them want to be just like them, and that doesn’t make anyone any better.” – Lorenzo, 15 years old

  12. “Social media has not boosted my confidence because it can give away lots of information that people don’t want to be exposed.” – Ruth, 14 years old

  13. “Social media has improved my confidence, as it has helped me express myself and it has helped me to speak to new and different people.” – Francesca, 15 years old

  14. “It helps someone to speak to people of different nationalities, with much more peace. It gives you a chance to share your ideas in front of a really wide population and one is motivated when their ideas are appreciated or liked. –Krishna, 15 years old

  15. “Social media has boosted my confidence as along the years it has taught me how to love myself and accept the person that I am today. – Riya, 13 years old

As you have read, there are both positive and negative aspects towards people’s confidence on social media. Has social media helped you with your confidence?


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