Miss Pride Africa finally in Uganda for mental health charity in Butabika Hospital


Donations and charity are one of the instincts of beauty pageants worldwide and helping the needy or unfortunate is what really drives them as well as sensitizing masses around the globe about a better cause. Florence kaate the currently running miss pride Africa 2017-18 is here on a mission that we all appreciate and welcome with open arms, and graditude. Do you know about mental health or would you like to know more about it? Well she’s here to let you know. From last week Wednesday the soft spoken queen has been moving around Kampala especially on different media houses to talk about mental health, drugs and solutions as well as her major charity campaign of donating to the unfortunate mothers in Butabika hospital and share moments with them.


These mothers are going to be pampered with lots of sanitary wear, basic needs as well as share words of inspiration to them, ideas, how to never give up in life as well self-esteem building words to help them recover from any mental misbelief and norms and encourage them to always love to stand up, make up and move on after a mental disorder and how to deal with life after and without drugs.


Miss Pride Africa has been running for four consecutive years and this is the first time a Ugandan won it. From countries around Africa the pageant always happens from London and the competitors are strictly African based in the united kindom.From Ghana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa and now finally Uganda has the crown says Mrs. Biggs the founder and CEO of the beauty pageant.To be part of miss pride Africa,one must be of an African Origin (at least 50%),not married and must be aged 17 to 35,no height or weight restrictions but good health is a must with no pregnancy at least not on the time of registration.You should have a clean social media back ground without anything like nude pictures and atleast have a GCSE in academics.



While in Uganda Miss Pride also intends to visit a number of schools in different parts and talk to the children especially the girl child still to empower them and encourage them about the good dos of education and how keep off drugs that can ruin their lives or cause mental illness. Emphasis to stick to education and make and chosing goal in life in order to achieve greater success that can help a girl child and their communities a better place.


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