Justin Bieber Finally Tells Us Why He Canceled His Tour


*The explanation we’ve all been waiting for*.

When Justin Bieber canceled his tour, thousands of loyal fans around the world were disappointed to say the least. Some worried the star’s health wasn’t okay, while others were just curious about what would possibly make him cancel the entire tour.

When he was spotted in Los Angeles, TMZ got him to comment about why the tour was canceled:

He assured fans, “everything’s fine,” but “I’ve been on tour for two years.” When Justin was asked if he’ll be taking a self-care break, he responded that he plans to be “just resting, getting some relaxation, and [riding] some bikes.” He continues,
“I love you guys. I think you guys are awesome. Sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed, it’s not my heart or anything. Have a blessed day.”

Via: seventeen.com

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