What Celebrities Know About Applying Dark Lipstick


how to rock it without looking like a vampire.

Attempting to pull off a bold lipstick may seem a tad scary, I get it. For starters, how do you find a dark lipstick that suits your skin tone? Secondly, how do you apply a bold berry lip if you can barely master a creamy nude? Eughhh.

Well thankfully, there are professionals out there with all the dark lipstick knowledge you could ever need, so I hit one of them up for the deets.

 Here’s what you need to know.

Do your prep work:

Prepping your lips will make a massive difference when it comes to a neater, smoother lipstick finish. “One easy trick to keep lips in top condition and ensure a perfect application, is to lightly brush a toothbrush over them once a week” says SJ. “This helps to exfoliate the skin, leaving a smoother base for lipsticks and glosses.”

3 steps to a perfect finish:

1. “I always buff lips with foundation first, this neutralizes the natural lip color and allows the pigment from the lipstick to stay true to the shade in the bullet.”

2. “Next comes lip liner. A lip pencil will give you great definition and keep lip color from feathering. It doesn’t always have to be a full on line. Just line the bow, top and under the lower lip and blend with a cotton bud for a natural finish.”

3. “I then apply lipstick using a lip brush, blot using tissue, dust a transclucent powder (like bareMinerals Mineral Veil) over the tissue while placed on lips and then re-apply the lipstick.”

 If you’re a dark lipstick beginner:

“I would always recommend choosing your shade to match your skin tone but if you are a beginner, go for a softer more mauve tone as opposed to a rich deep berry tone until you have perfected your lipstick application.”

Avoid shades that’ll make teeth look yellow:

“Because blue sits opposite yellow on the color wheel, using a more blue based lipstick will make your teeth appear less yellow. Instead, blue undertones in your shade of lip color will make your teeth look brighter and whiter.”

Pick the right finish for your lip shape:

“Darker shades can often make thin lips look smaller, with this in mind, I would always recommend applying a gloss to the centre of the lip, making them appear fuller. If you are lucky enough to have naturally full, defined lips, I find a matte finish more flattering than a high shine.”

Find the best dark lipstick for your skin tone:


“Dark lipsticks can look great on fair skins, thanks to the contrast between the light skin and the dark lip. Berry tones with a blue base are great on the cooler fair complexion but if you have a slighter warmer skin, try something more yellow based.”


“If your skin tone is more fair to medium, it tends to be on the neutral or warm side. Both berry tones and rich terracotta tones can look great.”


“For tan to olive complexions, with a golden undertone, brown-based shades are the most flattering. The warmer the skin tone, the more orange based colors suit. Cool tones should opt for blue-based tones.”


“Darker complexions can carry a much bolder color, whether that be darker or brighter. The key to finding the perfect lipstick shade for your complexion is to choose the right base color to suit the undertone of your skin.”

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