It sounds strange but true…! Rapper Tyga might be in some deep doo-doo.

He jetted off to Turks and Caicos with Kylie Jenner for her birthday anyway the two are chilling in Vacation ‘, but Tyga skipped his court date for not paying his rent. Now, his landlord’s lawyer says he ‘will be detained’! We have all the craziest details, right here.

Tyga definitely shouldn’t have decided to bail on his court date to go to paradise for Kylie Jenner’s birthday, because his opponent’s lawyer is pissed. Boris Treyzon, the attorney representing Tyga’s old landlord, Gholamreza Rezai, told People that he’s going to get Tyga into some major trouble that could involve jail time.

Tuesday was Tyga’s day to [appear in court] and he didn’t show up,” said Boris. “We requested the court to issue a bench warrant. The court agreed with us that his actions have been not what society demands of him, so they issued a bench warrant. Now, if he comes in contact with law enforcement, they will likely detain him and keep him detained until he posts bond.” Oh my gosh! “He will be detained or dates certainly will be set. He will enter into an agreement that he or representation will appear at such a date.”

We have learnt that Kylie was debating paying the damages to get him out of trouble, but now she may not have a choice. He owes them $480,285 in damages and he could be arrested as soon as he lands back in America!.

His former landlord is more than ticked that Tyga chose to give Kylie a Maybach instead of paying him then rent he owes. “Once [Tyga was] served, the lien is created,” Boris explained. “Of course, we have an irate client who is owed half a million dollars and then the client reads that Tyga is giving a Maybach as a gift – that’s in violation of two things. 

By: Wilson Manishimwe




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