Not to brag or chuck for national schools, but, what happens when your UNEB results pop back? A zeyi’s (read: parent’s) pat on the back? LOL! And then right after there, where do you go to continue studies? MUK? MUBS and Kya-Buffalo… eh ehm, pardon my learned tongue! I meant Kyambogo! LOLEST! See that’s the part we grin at international school peeps! They call it grad and go merry and what not! Then chat about jetting abroad to Stanford, Oxford, Bradford to study while you lie back rushing through a sweaty crowd in line to catch an admission at Kya-Buffalo (oba you catch my drift). Oops I scratched your sorrow! While you cry at it, the cool kids of Kampala International School did their graduation last Friday on May 27. Graduands first interacted, taking selfies and hashtagging #farewell to their insta posts and snapchat stories. Thereafter into the hall where two of them gave speeches so touching, for lack of a hankie, we saw a parent wipe a tear with his expensive silk tie. The graduating class also performed a song. Guest of Honour was the EU Ambassador in Uganda, Kristian Schmidt, whose daughter also graduated. Here are the highlights…




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