Etiquette is a code of polite social behaviour. Call it socially acceptable behavior in society. Something today’s society seems to be lacking, due to the creation of social classing. Etiquette would be helping an elderly lady across the road, not twatting her the middle finger while in the middle of the road, and stealing her purse. It is all about consideration for the people around you, especially your friends and family plus strangers too. If the word ‘etiquette’ sounds too complicated for your medulla to dig, just read ‘manners’ at every turn you see the word ‘etiquette’. This is no boring yap, etiquette is very important because it not only attracts us to the right or wrong people, but also closes and opens massive opportunities.

Why must you have dope etiquette?
Dope etiquette can get you the right or wrong friends. It can also make you mad fun to hang around or a disgrace to shun. To gain more confi dence, good etiquette must be adapted.

Let’s talk about food etiquette!
Serve yourself enough food, which you can eat and fi nish. While eating, do not chew with your mouth open or chew very fast, it is DISGUTING!! And you could in turn choke. Think about the next person. It’s not cool to empty the serving dishes, unless you are either serving the second round or you are the last person to eat. Do not fi ll up your plate with too much food just coz you are hungry. Serve yourself sensible doof and when you’re done, maybe you can add more. Doof ought to be eaten and enjoyed. Sit down properly and eat. Do not walk around chewing or carrying a plate of food while eating.

Do not begin eating until everyone has been served, unless you are dining alone. Sit up straight, sit square with hands on the lap and do not fi dget. Do not put elbows on the table. It makes other peeps uncomfy. If you need to get up during the meal, politely ask to be excused and return to the table as quickly as possible.

Quit fingering your phone on the table
Yes, you like to keep up with friends but not at meal time. Keep the phones, tabs
and what not away from the table. Respect the food and the peeps you are dinning
Remember practice makes perfect, practice good doof etiquette and you won’t be
a weak chap to dine with.

Everywhere you go, put some respeck on the etiquette!


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