iPhone users cried fowl earlier this year when rumors started flying that Apple was getting rid of its iPhone headphone jack, but when you hear (and see) the latest classic feature that might not make the cut in Apple’s upcoming version of the iPhone, you’ll pretty much lose it.

iPhone 7 leaked

One of the iPhone 7 pictures leaked by iPhone Insider

Based on pictures leaked to Apple Insider of what is supposedly the iPhone 7, it may not have *take a breath* a HOME BUTTON.

How does an iPhone even work without a home button? You use that button, literally, like, a hundred times a day. Getting rid of it is like getting rid of the very essence of the iPhone.

We won’t know if these home-buttonless rumors are true until the iPhone 7’s designs are officially released by Apple, and according to Tech Times, we probably won’t be seeing those until September.

Until then, you’ll just have to wait in fear!

Back here, we can only hope that the high hopes you had for the iPhone 7 be reduced! Tell all fam and fwends just so you avoid this scenario come September…


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