On February 21st at 1am 15 students and a handful of parents from Kampala International School Uganda, were getting on a bus to Entebbe airport, ready for the 2016 annual Ski Trip! They travelled via Istanbul to Switzerland, where they took a coach up into the mountains of Gstaad. Many of the children had never seen snow before and were ecstatic at the opportunity to touch and play in the falling snowflakes. The week started at full speed with skiing lessons the first morning and then après ski activities in the afternoon and evening. The children quickly learnt that falling over was all part of the ski training, as was stopping off for a quick hot chocolate on the mountain.

Not only were the children up at dawn to ski up on the mountain, but they were also able to experience the local Swiss town and all it had to offer. Some of the children showed their new found talent for ice skating and sledding, while others stuck more familiar activities such as swimming and table tennis. The week culminated in a well deserved, traditional fondu lunch on the mountain, before heading back to Uganda.

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