Listening to G-Easy’s hit joint ‘Me, Myself & I‘ featuring Bebe Rexha, I took a deep breath to wash out the crude message from that insidious chorus. No one should take in that ill notion induced by such a selfish line. Life is not just about ‘Me, Myself & I‘! At least the guys and girls from Kabojja Int’l School are not from that school of thought. These dudes and dudettes are selfless, so much that they’d encroach on their hard budgeted pocket dimes just to put a smile on the innocent faces that lack even the near basic needs in life. These guys have a whole week dubbed Charity Week, set aside for only charity and fundraising activities for a cause.
Charity Week is a norm at Kabojja International School and March 1 marked the climax of the sixth annual Charity Week with a visit to Sanyu Babies’ Home.
Not to brag or to prove a point that the rest have failed to even try, Kabojja Int’l School lads rallied each other for a charity project fully funded by the students themselves with no coin from the school admin… well maybe, the kafuta that moved the school vans that transported its jelly-hearted students.
“This experience touched my heart and made me grateful for all I have,’’ said Lisa Kanyomozi, a student. Well… what berra way but to see the pictures for yowaselef!


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